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Easymeta Agency specializes in providing a premium advertising format on Facebook.

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Facebook is gradually changing and it is more difficult and affects each business’s Advertising. We have many years of advertising experience and have many ways to overcome all difficulties when customers advertise.




Our services include everything for your advertise: VPS or Antidetect browser profile (clean proxy) to keep ads account, hight limit ads account for run ads, Credit card available in ads account, we provide page if you need. You just need care about performance of your ads

Check your ad account

We will check your advertising account, ensure quality and fit your needs to save you time and money. Guarantee your finances


We will advance your budget and all service costs as agreed If you don't have any problems with our advertising account

Hand over

After the budget has been advanced and there are no problems with the account, we will hand over the advertising account to you to start the advertising campaign.


Campaigns will be checked first to save time for both parties. You will also be able to check our account first, just in case someone impersonates us for SCAM.


Below are some testimonials from our customers. You can find more feedback in the testimonials section.

Sun Tzun


I was banned by Facebook since I ran ads for my crypto project. I was surprised when Easymeta Agency managed to do a great job, and I would rate them 5 stars. It was amazing!

Chuang Pei Hen


It’s very difficult to find a Facebook ads provider that supports Black Hat. I am pleased with the service provided by Easymeta Agency.



I am satisfied with the services provided by Easymeta Agency. With just a small payment of $200 to run Facebook ads, I don’t have to worry about scams.



I was blown away by the level of professionalism and attention to detail that Easymeta Agency brought to my Facebook ad campaign. They were able to get me results that I never thought possible!

League of Kingdoms


I had been struggling to get my Facebook ads to perform well for months, but Easymeta Agency was able to turn things around in just a few days. I would highly recommend their services to anyone looking to improve their ad campaigns.

Summoners Arena


Easymeta Agency is simply the best. They are knowledgeable, reliable, and always available to answer any questions I have. I trust them completely with my Facebook ads.

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Yes, your account can be used for Black Hat and Grey Hat campaigns.

We provide all account types: Personal accounts with spending history, BM accounts and agency accounts.

When the account is locked, our staff will provide you with a new account completely free of charge.

The balance in the old account will be transferred to the new account. This applies to both profile accounts and page accounts.

Our account has spending limits of $1500, 250 and nolimit daily.

We set up everything and ad accounts in VPS, RDP or Antidetect Browser.

You will be granted access to these software to control and use our account.

We use USDT ,BTC, Payoneer for payment.

You send us money after checking our account. Then our staff will activate the account for you to use.

When your deposit has almost been spent, our staff will notify you to deposit more so that your campaign will not be interrupted.

We charge a service fee. This fee is 3-7% for White hat campaigns and 6-10% for Black hat campaigns.

This fee may change if you spend well and stably.

$500 is the minimum spent on our account.

You can test campaigns with a smaller budget, but you need to make sure to scale them after testing.

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